William E. Stiles

Blue Lodge Member Spotlight – William E. Stiles

Blue Lodge Member Spotlight – William E. Stiles

Apr 16, 2012
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 Master Mason for 40 years, Secretary of Sotoyome Curtis Lodge for 30+ years… William E. Stiles is the perfect example of the kind of amazing mentors Freemasonry provides for all of us! This is going to be the first in a new, ongoing series… A new key feature on our blog.. “The Blue Lodge Member Spotlight” Read More »

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  • Worshipful Master, Jerry “Butch” Beth

  • "Every candidate for the Mysteries of Masonry, at the proper time and in the appropriate manner, should be taught the truth that the *rite of Initiation* means much more than a formal ceremonial progress through the Degrees. In fact, one may receive the entire work, conferred under the most favorable circumstances, and by competent officers, and yet not perceive the true Masonic *light,* which the symbols and allegories are designed to conceal, as well as to reveal. *Initiation* is to be attained only after real labor, deep study, profound meditation, extensive research and a constant practice of those virtues which will open a true path to moral, intellectual, and spiritual illumination. "Masonry does not expound the truths concealed in her emblems. It displays the symbols and may give a hint here and there concerning some characteristic of its several meanings, but it must remain for the Neophite to search out for himself the more hidden significations."
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