Is Freemasonry Still Valid In Today’s World?

Emotions    Whatever it is that lead your eyes upon these worlds, this author humbly reflects the headline question back at you! How valid are YOU in today’s world? Are you a drone or a free thinking human? Do you decide for yourself what the truth is or do you need your hand to be held? Are you valid in your pursuits and in the treatment of your fellow humans and animals on this planet? Only you know the answers to these questions, and be honest, because through your candour you will resolve the mystery of this article headline.

Freemasonry is as valid as it’s ever been, and in fact arguments could be made that it’s more valid than ever. How?

  • The Craft is Returning to its Mystery School Origins
  • Men Are Joining Who Know More Than Their Coaches About The Mysteries Contained Within The Craft
  • Freemasonry is Returning To Its More Esoteric and Secretive Roots

Instead of being a fork and knife club that anyone can join, The Craft is returning to its more subtle and appropriate mode of operations.

So your grandfather and Father were Freemasons, and you really want to follow in their footsteps, fantastic, what other reason do you have to join? You say you want to practice charity and serve your community? Terrific, got any ideas about that? Because, that’s not our main purpose and we don’t have tons of charitable or community events to offer you. Yes we practice charity and help our communities, but often you will see it overtly advertised by lodges as a badge of pride. This is not how Freemasons practice charity. Our selfless acts are to be done without publicity or acknowledgement. Our influence on the community should be silent and affective. This is where we are headed and is one of the many reasons to argue for the validity of the Modern Craft as a whole.

Sure, Freemasonry still suffers from its social club disease and indeed, the profane activities of pancake breakfasts, crab feeds, and bake sales do invoke the question of this articles headline. However, let this essay be a testament that not all Freemasons and Lodges are engaged in simpleton fundraising and community networking minutia. These activities can be found at any Rotary, Kiwanis, Church function or local street fair and yes, Lodges and Freemasons who only see the craft as a vehicle for these endeavours are as valid as the attempts to engage initiates through such events and activities.

Are crab feeds and pancake breakfasts valid? Sure, for fire depts. who need extra dough, police depts who want to improve public relations, and senior citizen centers who want to have a memorable occasion. Certainly, while engaged purely in these kinds of events, the Craft is NOT VALID WHAT SO EVER! 

But the goal of this essay is not to bring attention to what is invalid about the Modern Craft, but to shine light on the very thing that is validating our laudable pursuits. Intellectual and scholarly ambition. While none of us may be the next Issac Newton or Ben Franklin, our willingness to try to be is what makes us valid! Our undying love for the accumulation of virtues and knowledge and the will to share these accomplishments with our Brothers and fellow man is what separates us from any of the above mentioned institutions.


The craft is as valid as you are!


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